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A special feature of the Black Credit Card is the quick check and decision at the time of application. The short online application is completed in a few minutes. Immediately afterward, you will be told if you receive the VISA credit card and what credit limit is available to you. Apply permanently for a free credit card without annual fees and you are independent worldwide. This is possible with the Germany Credit Card Classic.

Rejected credit card – These are the grounds for refusal

Rejected credit card - These are the grounds for refusal

The credit card may be rejected by the card company or the issuing house bank for certain reasons. In addition, credit card holders must be expected to pay with rejections – online, off-line, domestic and abroad. 2. The waiver of the credit card must therefore be seen very differently.

The card application is answered and sent quickly, but as quickly as a rejection of the application instead of the desired credit card come into the house. The grounds for refusal are obvious in most cases. If the application is rejected despite its impeccable history, one must first remain calm.

This article explains the causes and measures for rejecting a credit card application and the reasons for rejecting a previously issued credit card. The reasons for the rejection of a credit card application are partly obvious, in some not. If you are complaining about a bad condition, you have to calculate with the rejection of a real credit card.

In case of a rejection of the application in spite of impeccable creditworthiness, however, inevitably arise demands. The requirement of the offerer can be just as little harmful as a new start at another house bank or another credit card issuer. Please note that after the Credit Bureau query the credit card application – a credit card application – is kept for ten days.

The negative card provider may also report the causes that may overlap: the missing or missing Credit Bureau score is one of the main reasons for refusing real cards. Anyone who has signed many loans or contracts (or both) for telecommunications will be downgraded by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Credit Bureau).

If the value falls below 90, this means in the Credit Bureau language that there is an “increased credit risk”. If your earnings are too low, your credit card application will also be rejected. Not only does the revenue need to exceed the garnishment exemption limit, but the credit card customer should also be able to conveniently repay a borrowed loan.

If you want too much credit or unreal conditions, you have to calculate with rejection – if the house bank grants such possibilities. Banks and card issuers do not always share the grounds for refusal, not even on request. For that reason alone, we think it is necessary for applicants to think about what might be the cause of credit card denials.

Even if you know the specific reasons for rejecting your own credit card application, it does have some merit, as it allows you to consider further action to achieve the desired funding. It should be noted that credit institutions rarely mention the actual grounds for refusal, usually with a general refusal of applications and refusal of information.

In such cases the applicant should investigate the true reasons for the refusal by investigating and investigating it. The rejection of a credit card application is therefore not so bad, because the statistics show that the rejection rate at Deutsche Bank is around 60%. In addition to refusing the application, credit card holders may also have their credit card rejected.

This is possible both for online purchases and for payments in a shop, at a petrol pump or in export. There is almost always a technical reason in the network: Similar causes exist for offline payments at train stations, in shops and restaurants. In addition, property damage to the credit card itself may be the cause, since neither the block nor the magnetic tape can be damaged.

However, as the card issuer works with country-specific restrictions, in some cases no further payments will be made abroad. In some European countries, such as For example, in Portugal and the French Laender, only PIN cards are valid at petrol stations and ticket machines. Especially while shopping on the net many consumers would have to experience the unpleasant situation that their credit card was rejected and the booking was canceled.

There are several good reasons to refuse a credit card on the net.

There are several good reasons to refuse a credit card on the net.

The most common cause, however, is the incorrect indication of the credit card number, the check number on the back or the expiration date. Even after the expiration date, the credit card can not be debited. However, this does not necessarily mean the consumer and his credit card, as there are often short-term connection problems.

If the credit card limit is exceeded, an expensive order usually has to be approved by the bank. In such cancellations, the house bank must be notified to confirm the debit or to increase the credit card limit. Occasionally online transactions are blocked by the house bank because it is not possible to praise the credit card account in US dollars.

It can also happen that the respective website has a temporary problems with the payment platform and the failed payment has nothing to do with the credit card itself. In the case of online payment systems, unforeseen errors and deficiencies can always arise, so that an internal defect can also be the result of a rejected credit card.

If you do not have money in your pocket or need to pay immediately with your credit card, you will be dissatisfied with a rejected credit card. However, credit card payments fail very often and accordingly there are several reasons why the credit card was debited at the cash desk or at a payment terminal.

Incorrect entry of a PIN is one of the most common reasons and is not an obstacle in itself, but a wrong entry may temporarily block the credit card. Often, the credit card is also rejected for exceeding the credit limit or insufficient coverage. Another obvious, but often overlooked, reason for failed credit card payments is property damage to the credit card.

The credit card has either a token or a magnetic strip on which to deposit and scanned information about the holder when paying at the ATM. In case of damage to the credit card, this information can not be read correctly and the payment is rejected. With rejected cards an internal misconduct in the commercial terminal can not be excluded.

If the credit card is rejected domestically, this may be due to country-specific restrictions. At ticket vending machines and automatic teller machines, in some EU countries (eg Spain, Italy or France) only cards are accepted which have a PIN function and a chip card. But even abroad, it often happens that some stations simply do not accept foreign cards.

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